Jess Meider's New Project Bio

Jess Meider’s “Chinatown” is one of Beijing’s best live original electronic bands. Their music ranges from down tempo to lively up tempo, layered with live guitar layers and Jess’s unique amazing vocals and lyrics. The best word to describe their music is “shu-fu” (comfortable).

The band features guitarist and bassist, Gao Fang. He is a native Beijinger, an accomplished composer, producer and a performance graduate of CMA. Gao Fang has been writing and arranging music for the past 15 years for his own projects as well as many well-known pop stars in China. He is now the producer of the well-known rock band “Bu Dao Weng” and his own zao-yin band “Swarm.”

Well-known as the China’s best jazz vocalist, singer-songwriter, Jess Meider hails from the US and has been a performing resident of Beijing for nearly two decades. A Songwriting graduate from the famous Berklee College of Music, she has created a name for herself with many musical journeys, including her singer-songwriter project to drum n’ bass, to rock and roll and as always, her classic standard jazz. She has released 4 self-produced albums, including “Jess Meider, Songwriter,” “Divine,” and a jazz album, “Dao.” She’s appeared on many stages...performing with Gong Lin Na, in a movie with Andy Lau and Gong Li, and a vocal cameo in Cui Jian’s movie “Blue Sky Bones.” Her voice has been heard worldwide in commercials for Audi, MG, Samsung and Durex (to name a few). 

Jess and Gao Fang have been creating music together for the past 5 years. The music is a comfortable, collaborative effort; Gao Fang composes all of the music and Jess writes the melodies and lyrics. Influenced by so much jazz, Radiohead, DJ Krush, Tune-Yards.

Their first album is due to be released this fall.

Jess Meider的Chinatown乐队是北京一线的电声电音乐队。乐队风格涵盖了从舒缓的Down Tempo到跳跃的Up Tempo。Jess Meider作词、精妙的演唱与高放现场的吉他演奏,共同组成了他们心中“舒服”的乐队核心理念。


作为中国知名的爵士歌手及创作人,Jess Meider来自美国,毕业于世界著名的伯克利音乐学院,并在北京居住了近二十年。通过在Drum n’ Bass、摇滚、传统爵士乐等多个领域的音乐尝试,她已经打造出了自己的业内知名度和个人品牌。 发行过《Jess Meider》、《Songwriter》、 《Divine》、 《Dao》四张专辑的Jess,也与不同的艺术家进行了合作,包括与龚琳娜的现场演出、刘德华和巩俐的电影出演,并演唱了崔健导演的电影《蓝色骨头》的片尾曲,也受邀成为奥迪、MG、三星、杜蕾斯等等知名品牌商业活动的指定表演嘉宾。

Jess和高放已经一起合作近5年。他们在一种舒适融洽的氛围内创造着自己的音乐。高放负责乐曲制作方面,Jess则负责演唱和歌词的创作。他们的音乐受到了Radiohead, DJ Krush, Tune-Yards以及许多爵士乐的影响。



Berklee-bred songwriter Jess Meider is a talented phenomenon. Born and raised in the USA, China’s best jazz vocalist has spent almost half her life in Beijing. Not only does she swing audiences with her musical mojo in her jazz performances, she keeps them riveted with her various original projects. Lately she’s been using her vocal kungfu moves on her electronic project, Jess Meider featuring Chinatown, a band that’s quickly gaining a reputation as one to watch.

From the boroughs of New York City to the hutongs of Beijing, the inspiration behind Jess’s powerful and unique musical style is as global as her life. She began penning lyrics and singing at a young age. The songwriting major at the Berklee College of Music lured her to Boston where she studied under the tutelage of lyrical master Pat Pattison. Jess’s sensually lavish creative writing is featured in his 2013 book “Songwriting Without Boundaries.” From Boston Jess heard New York calling. In NYC she cultivated the voice of the singer that would soon make her mark in China. Moving from the creative core of NYC to the unknown of Beijing was the biggest leap she’d ever made, but she landed in a city with a great openness for creativity and found unlimited opportunities to fine tune her skills as a performer. She learned the basics of jazz at Berklee, but it was in Beijing that she grew into the mature jazz vocalist, experienced singer-songwriter, actress and compelling creative force that she is today.

When she’s not in the studio recording, you might find her on the set of a hit movie, chatting in fluent Mandarin with China's biggest actor, Andy Lau, or sharing the stage at the Forbidden City Concert Hall with high-profile vocalist Gong Lin Na in an acapella session. Millions of people have heard Jess’s voice broadcast across China in TV commercials for high-end brands including MG and Audi. She graces stages everywhere from the VIP area of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the energetic spaces of the capital’s most influential music venues and music festivals. Did you hear the final song featured in Chinese rock godfather Cui Jian’s film Blue Sky Bones? That was Jess. What about on the latest Godiva commercial aired nationwide in Japan? That was Jess, too. Her four self-released albums are selling worldwide on iTunes, but Jess is always eagerly moving on to bigger and brighter stages. 

Complementing her songwriting and performing work, Jess also teaches her specialized brand of vocal kungfu (gongfu) to private students, classrooms and at retreats around the world. 

Oh, and she is also a well-known yoga teacher ( and a long-time student of traditional Chinese medicine.

Get in touch with this vocalist, lyricist, actress and all-around creative genius at: jessmeider (at)