ah autumn, my favorite.

howdy dear ones. happy autumn for me. happy birthday too. that's right, if you forgot, this end of virgo virgo just celebrated with family in the US. it was a great trip, everyone loved meeting our little babe and my new husband (and seeing me after not being home for 2 years).

the news is, i am enjoying motherhood. i love this little person that we've made. it's quite incredible and i am learning more and more about presence and practicing balance in my life. it really makes a huge difference that my husband and i can be mostly at home with her daily...i get comments on how balanced and happy our baby is, and i think it's to do with how laid back and at ease both of us are. if it's ever possible to be a stay home parent somehow, do it. it makes the world of difference.

fang and i are making new music. getting demo tracks down, lyrics written, melodies sung...it takes time as we baby step through our days. i don't mind the pace. it's nice that it's intermittent. my listening and imagining skills are more and more keen and strong because i can't just pick up my guitar and play. i write song parts in my head, and record them when i get the chance. it helps that fang is constantly playing the track over and over as he writes and tweeks it. evie is extremely familiar with all the songs and dances anytime they come on. : ) fun.

i'm still teaching vocal lessons privately, as well as yoga in one of asia's most loved yoga studio, The Yoga Yard. all the teaching is incredibly nourishing for me. if you are interested in knowing more about my teaching techniques (i call it 'vocal gongfu') click here. my rates are reasonable and the lessons are recorded so you can take the practice into your own hands.

at the moment there are no public concerts scheduled. i am still singing jazz and my original material for high profile events, weddings and fashion shows. it's great fun to get very glammed up and sing on stage, even if it's for a bunch of rich folk eating a fine hotel 6 course meal. 

i am also singing alot of commercials. the latest is for an audi spot that has been airing for the last few months in china. jess, the household anonymous songstress airs so much i cannot imagine...if only they knew...it's me! you can listen/watch it here

i'll also be featured in the Beijing Kid's Guide coming out very soon - i wrote about my birthing experience at beijing untied family hospital. it's cool to be published again. :) the last time was in my berklee mentor's book about lyric writing (pat pattison).

back in beijing. here comes the oct 1st national holiday...looking forward to lots of people leaving the city less polluted and less cars on the road. hope where ever you are, you are creating goodness and balance in your center. 

remember, my albums are on itunes! please, give the gift of original music to your friends or family. it helps to perpetuate the good aural vibes into the world. :)



11/28/2013 7:48am

Hey,Jessica! I m a big fan of u. Really like your music teaching video. Best wishes!

12/15/2013 5:12am

That's great! Glad you are out there listening and reading! :D


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