End of Summer / September 2017

I am a resident jazz artist at Beijing's awesome art-hotel Chao, EVERY SUNDAY 12pm-2pm BRUNCH.

Blue Note Beijing - Sunday August 27th, 12-3pm Performing love-related jazz tunes with an all star band, including Nathaniel Gao, Simone Schirru, Xu Zhitong, Zhang Ke

September 9, 2017 - Songwriter night at CARAVAN (Guang Hua Lu) I will bust out my old tunes for a lovely set with 2 other songwriters - Ember Swift and Dan Taylor

September 17, 2017 My Birthday Brunch Jazz Show at Chao. Please bring your presence!

ALSO August 10th Thursday 730pm-930pm Chao Jazz Trioisms

April-May-June 2017

I will be relaxing with a new baby during these next few months! Please stand by, my performances will resume at the end of May / beginning of June!

You can check out my YOUTUBE, VIMEO & iTUNES...

Feb-March 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Some great shows coming up this month!

Saturday Feb 25 2017 8pm JAZZ
Chao's Livingroom (Chao Hotel in Sanlitun)
Doug Martin (Guitar), Dan Callaghan (Bass), Jess Meider (Vox)

Saturday March 4, 2017 JAZZ 8pm
Chao's Livingroom
Sejin Bae, Dan Callaghan, Jess Meider

Saturday March 11, 2017, 8pm  JAZZ 8pm
Chao Livingroom (Sanlitun)
Doug Martin (Guitar), Dan Callaghan (Bass) Jess Meider

Last show before I go into "Waiting for Baby to be Born mode"
Saturday March 18, 2017 JAZZ 8pm
Chao's Livingroom
featuring Moreno Donadel (Piano), Dan Callaghan (Bass), Jess Meider


December Shows (Jazz and Chinatown)

December 1 - 8pm-945pmChao Hotel   Jess Jazz Piano Trio with Sejin Bae & Dan Callaghan

December 8 - 8pm-9:45pmChao Hotel    Jess Jazz Guitar Trio with Doug Martin & Dan Callaghan

December 11 - 5:30pm-6pmDDC Club   Jess Meider's Chinatown Electronic Duo

December 17 - 10-11:45pmChao Hotel   Jess Meider's Jazz Quartet with Sejin Bae, Dan Callaghan & Anthony Vanacore

Chao Hotel Jess Jazz Performance!

Lots of really good performances coming up at Chao Hotel! All of Beijing's greatest jazz players and their projects. And I'm happy to say, my jazzings are too a part of this!

Saturday 19 November 8pm-10pm Jess & Moreno Donadel

Saturday 25 November,  10pm-12 Jess's Jazz Quartet featuring Sejin Bae (piano), Dan Callaghan (bass) and Scott Silverman (drums) 

Check out this week's schedule here:

Jess's Birthday Show, Sept 17, 2016

Jess is playing on Saturday September 17, 2016, 3:40pm in the CAVE!!!

Jess is playing on Saturday September 17, 2016, 3:40pm in the CAVE!!!

So excited to be featured in this festival in Hubei. Not only do I get to play a set of my favorite acoustic originals, but I get to perform them in a massive CAVE. Gao Fang will be accompanying me. We will fill the mountains with beautiful vibrations. What a great gift for my birthday!

(IT WAS AN AMAZING SHOW:  LOOK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS:  http://www.jessmeider.com/journal-1/2016/9/18/17-sept-2016-birthday-gig