I have not opted to post about my Chinese Medicine experiences in a very long time. Mostly because the knowledge and the experiences that I have been having over the years warrants more knowledge and more experiences. It just get so big and plentiful that I realize I cannot write anything in black and white. The body is specific to your individual body. Your body constitution passed on to you thru your parents. The region/climate in which you live. Your life habits (eat, sleep, movement, mind). So what works for me will not affect you in the same way.

That being said, here is Autumn time in Beijing. Autumn is the Metal element, the organs associated: lungs and long intestine. This is the time for the water to go to ground. This creates the changing and dropping of the leaves, the quietening of the zeal of summer. Look around you at what is happening in nature. Likewise, sense how your body is reacting to this season. 

This is the time where drinking soups, li tang (boiled pear water) and eating more qing dan (simple foods with less spice, oil, sweet and salt) and drinking less or no alcohol. Sleeping before 11pm.

As a yoga teacher, I appreciate my lungs, which pulling the breath down to my root, touching all of the organs in the torso, then with a slow exhale, my breath carries out things that no longer serve me. Relax. Look at the sky, look at the trees, appreciate the sun, the moon, the stars.