More recently, 2015, I was honored to be placed into the lead role of a short film by Jeremy Goldkorn. It's a fictional story about a dystopian future featuring a day in the life of a Tube Girl, the badass role that I play.




I've been so fortunate to be in a few movies.

One with Andy Lau and Gong Li (2 of the most very famous actors in Asia) - it was a remake of "What Women Want." Also, two of my original tracks from my jazz album DAO are featured in the movie. "Kiss" and "Now is the time"

2011, February, The Chinese version of "What Women Wnat" This is my scene. The film also features 2 original songs off of my jazz album, "Kiss" and "Now is the Time"

The other features my voice, singing at the peak of a very tragic amazing movie written and directed by Cui JIan, also known as the "godfather" of rock in China.