I teach private voice lessons for anyone. Is this you?

-you are a professional musician, vocalist, actor, speaker, etc. and you wanna sharpen your game
-you have always wanted to sing but were told you couldn't, so you don't, but you really want to
-you are looking for your real voice
-you have a song inside you but cannot seem to bring it out

I teach you the practice of awareness.

- how to breathe, how to understand your lung capacity
- the mechanics of your physical body (your body is your instrument!)
- how to connect to your dantian (your core energy chakra)
- how to change vocal habits and create new ones
- how to practice control
- how to access your whole voice

Lessons are 45 minutes, recorded for your ease to practice. They happen at my studio in Wangjing.
If you are interested, please email me JessMeider  at   gmail.com